The Daily Complaint: Stop! Stop It! Just STOP IT!!


It is, now, May 2021.  I have been living at Chambers Street for over ten years, and, you might not believe it, but there has been a steady degradation of the property.  Up the street from me, the Housing Authority manages a neighborhood of about twenty single family homes on Linden, Summit Road, Fairview Road, and Memorial Circle.  The newspapers, the consultant's reports, and the neighbors themselves have complained about the condition of the grounds.  So, you tell me, do you like the "before" picture above, showing a natural state of affairs, or the "after" picture, below, showing the useless, unnecessary and destructive busy work that the housing Authority has become known for?

Same scene - two days apart.  The work might have gone unnoticed, except that, not only is the destruction unnecessary, but it's also loud. 

Train whistles are loud, but necessary, as safety measures.  Gas powered weed whackers, leaf blowers, and riding mowers, however, no longer need to be loud.  These machines can be quiet and non-polluting, but the Housing Authority prefers the noise, the excitement, and the thrill of the old fashioned battle to conquer nature.  Actually, the fact is, people want domestic tranquility, not to be living in a war zone. Two days of punishment this week and two days of punishment last week is enough, enough for the natural world and enough for the residents.   This year the Needham Health Department will be included in the discussions.

How can I make my point here?  Can we question the Lord?  Is it not fair and reasonable to ask why and how the Lord might want to mow moss?   The Lord certainly operates in mysterious ways.  Outside my window, its a cool swampy forest.  The soil next to the building is clay.  There is no grass growing.  There is, however, moss.  We have been given moss.  This is the emerald necklace.   And the housing Authority thinks it is grass, or acts like, there is grass there.  Actually, I don't think the Housing Authority thinks about any of this at all.  I think the Housing Authority is confused.   But nobody likes to be called stupid, or deaf, dumb, and blind.  So, I have a problem. 

In fact, I just realized something, and that is, I am the problem, or one of them.  As long, as the occupants keep quiet, there are no problems.  If a tenant should speak up, then THEY are the problem, not the leaky faucet, not the pothole, not the killing of the plants and trees.

I complain, therefore I am.

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