Budget FY2022 Items May Help Housing Residents


The Town Meeting May 2021 Warrant Article #15 , which passed, refers to the half time clinical support position to be managed by Riverside to assist law enforcement.  This may help the Housing Authority residents at Linden Street enjoy a reduction in any unnecessary police response, and an increase in more appropriate social service visits, where and when needed.  This is a cultural transformation.  Its not to de-fund the police.   And its not just the Housing Authority.

The situation is that, all too often, the combined response of a police car - or two, a fire engine, and an ambulance does seem a bit like overkill, especially for a repeat customer.   And then, after the flashing lights, and the commotion, to - pretty much - not do anything?  And then everybody leaves.   What just happened? 

A neighbor, my expert source, had the explanation: "..too much paperwork.  To take someone into custody, willingly, or by compulsion, is sometimes too much bother."   

After all, its not like anybody called in a SWAT team, for an armed intervention.  Its hardly a police matter at all.  So, why take anybody in?   But, if a resident or visitor should be sectioned (a term just learned from my neighbor), which is to say, should be taken into custody for psychiatric reasons, but, then, instead, are left alone, what then?

Wouldn't it be better to send a first responder, who is prepared to stay and sort out the problem? 

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