More Coffin Gardens Delivered to Elderly Residents at Public Housing


The Needham Housing Authority has two overriding design principles: 1) make it stupid, and 2) make it ugly.   Mary, a neighbor of three years, asked, "Does that look good?  Are they finished?  Will it be decorated?  Those are boxes of dirt."  

Another:  "Were the others used last year?" Don't know. They have aged.

What Churchill said about America applies to the Housing Authority, about how America does the right thing, but only after trying everything else?  Well, Housing is still trying things.  

Three years ago, when the, then, Office Ogre and the, then, Resident Tyrant took over the garden box project, in a neighborhood coup, the Health Department had to be called in for a determination, as to the health and safety of the work that had obviously run amuck.  Consequently, changes were required.  Nevertheless, they continue to drive the project into the ground, so to speak, by looking for new ways to 1) make it more stupid, and 2) make it more ugly.  Its the Housing Authority way. 

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