The Daily Complaint: Its About the Screaming in the Night


About the screaming in the night...  I have rationalized this and I have a conclusion:  If it's not me screaming, then, at least, I am more or less okay.  I don't know about the one doing the screaming.

I would not have heard this recent incident, because I live on the quiet woodsy side of the Chambers Street apartment complex.  Not on the parking lot side.

Years ago when I first moved in, it was quiet, but I heard everything.  Not just the sirens, but the utility vans, the Housing vehicles, driving over the lawn and curbs, the garbage trucks, the dump trucks, the post office trucks, the Council On Aging mini-buses, the Uber taxis, the Amazon, FedEx and every other delivery service.   I heard everything, and eventually, what happened was that I handled the noise, in the same way, I handled the noise from the usually quiet woodsy section outside my window.   The first time I heard a coyote or a fisher cat screaming, I would sit up and say, "What the #*!& was that?!"  but, by the third time, whatever the screaming was, it became part of the background noise.

Likewise, with the screaming in the night.  Early this week,  I was on the porch to greet the day.  I was at the rail, overlooking the parking lot and all the excitement there.  It was then I heard the screaming in the night, only, it was, in the morning.  This was disconcerting.  I retreated and returned with a 2nd cup of coffee and my cell phone, to video whatever might be happening.

Indeed, someone inside, across the way, was screaming, "WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU SAYING!!!" over and over and over.  I did not see the person, but I imagined him yelling into a handheld device and going psychotic trying to connect.   I called a neighbor, living in the other end of the building, and she walked down the hall to find a tenant's relative in an apartment, while his caretaker was somewhere else, having once before said,

"I'd rather live on the street then live here!" 

At first, when she moved in, she was very happy, but housing problems arose, and she was heard uttering a few notable quotes,   "Is this America?"     "This is not the country I grew up in!"    "My mother lived here!   What happened?!"

    Leaving or staying,  she certainly ignored the complaint process, the grievance procedures, and the free legal advice of MetroWest, handling her court appearances.   It was heroic.

    She said, "What are they going to do about it?"

    ...which I interpret, now, in two ways, as either 1) aggressive defiance (not really) or 2) more imploringly, and, more plaintively, asking,

    "What ARE you going to do it?  ...about my situation?"  And, I would add,  ...about the screaming in the night. 

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