Call to Activate! Resilience and Response Network!


Needham, MA -- A "Countering Hate and Fostering Inclusion" workshop was held over three full mornings in December 2020.  Everybody was impressed.  Today,  Needham has ready, a  Resilience and Response Network.  I am using The Linden Letter to tell the story of Needham's resiliency,  and that of the Linden/Chambers residents, other tenants, friends, and neighbors.  This Call to Activate is going out, initially, to a few persons familiar with the housing authority, its past, and who, may be in a position to help start the process.  

There is urgency, because Spring has become a season of aggressive management on the part of the Housing Authority.  Its like a turf war.  Two years ago, the then new first-year executive director had to apologize for acting so heavy handedly, after bullying and threatening the residents, creating chaos, fear, and anxiety.  Nothing was done.  The next Spring and Summer, there was an eruption of destructiveness, by the nuisance crew, with bushes being pulled out, and trees cut down.  It was an insane escalation of mean spirited incompetence.  Both of these extended incidents are worth telling, as Lived Experiences,  because I think they illustrate, a dysfunctionality directly impacting the health and safety of the residents, such that an intervention is called for.    

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