The Daily Complaint: Trash Dumping by the Lord is Still Wrong


Last Summer, 2020, a small  business contractor, worked on the repair of the outside concrete steps at the Chambers Street buildings.  I thought he did a decent job.  At the end, however, he left a pile of debris in the forested area just beyond the parking lot to the South of the apartments.   There's a story about why this happened, but the upshot is that the residents have been left with an ugly pile of crap.  The Housing Office was notified.  The NHA Foreman Bryan was shown the trash, at the time, while the contractor was still on the site.   The Lord of public housing has not answered our prayers.

Is work debris a Zoning violation?  Linden Street is not zoned as a Dump.   Is this a Building Code violation?  I am told, by Daffne at Zoning, that the Building Department has the job of enforcement.  Really?  How? Who?   David A. Roache - the head of the Building Department and a very approachable fellow - suggested a Complaint could go  to the Health Department.  Residents have been required, in the past, to petition the Health Department, to get NHA to do the right thing.  Commissioner Roache also suggested that, if the owner of the property is not responding, the residents could call our State Representative.   Residents are in contact with Denise Garlick.   Rep. Garlick tells us, "We have our eye on them." At least one resident has purportedly written to the Governor.  Maybe I'll write the President.  The Lord does not answer to Tenants.

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