Wi-Fi WORKS!!!


Wednesday March 31, 2021 - The problem was solved, in one day, by me going to the Community Room with Nayda Sanchez, a new Housing staffer, who checked out the channel name, which is COMMRM and the password, which is whatever it is.   I had all the data.  This was something we had never tried, that is, meeting together and solving the problem.

So, we have a success story unfolding.  Of course, residents need to know the Wi-Fi  name and the password that is posted on the Community Bulletin Board, otherwise, its not going to work for them, either.   And the Community Room is locked to residents.

The reason why Wi-Fi should be available is that some people sometimes cannot afford to pay for an Internet service, so even though a person may have a house and car, if they are out of work, and have no google, they may need to go to the Library, for the free public Internet, to do a job search, etc.

Xfinity Essentials is a home Internet service that costs $9.95/Month, that is, 40 hours over 30 days, and if you use a minute over the next hour you're charged the full hour.  So, its similar to the Lifeline flip phone service, which you can get if you're poor enough to qualify for some next to useless ancient technology.   But its there.  The NHA Newsletter has made note.   Plus, you can get a Comcast computer for $149.00 if you can't find one at Buy Nothing Needham on Facebook.

The Council on Elderly, the Center at the Heights, and whoever else I can praise, have made Amazon Fire Tablets available, for the old folks.  As we say, "Boomers are Zoomers!"  With the public wi-fi connection and the password, you, too, can get connected.   I'm getting to know "Alexa" and how to avoid the incessant advertising.

On a related matter, four satellite dishes were pulled out of the Linden Street apartment area.  They could have been reused to share signals, neighbor to neighbor, which I did when I first moved in, when I used another resident's wi-fi.   Removing and trashing the dishes, when they have been there for years, and could have been put to good use is a lost opportunity.

The good part is we can now have tenant and community meetings online.  See you there.

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