Needham Housing Authority Will Meet Conservation Commission Over Wetlands and the Proposed Redevelopment of Linden/Chambers


NEEDHAM, MA -   On Thursday October 26, 2023 the Conservation Commission will discuss the latest detailed plans of the proposed Linden/Chambers Housing Project.  To date there have been at least two
meetings with the Needham Housing Authority (NHA) and the Conservation
Commission, related to the Preservation and Redevelopment Initiative.  The Conservation interests are due to streams with intermittent flow, interconnected wetlands, vernal pools (to be determined), and do not disturb zones.

The Architects were contracted by NHA in January and they met with the Conservation Commission 3/09/2023  in March.   The meeting was informal in that no intent had been filed.

The NHA made another presentation in July to the  Conservation Commission 7/27/2023 when the initial concepts, constraints (limits in height and density,) and goals were presented.   NHA reported that they provided, on June 30, links to a 2-300 page set of deliverables, including surveys, feasibility studies, investigations and property condition reports, and an appendix with a significant wetlands study, to the Commission. 

We expect to have links available to such work product, as part of an "Information Clearinghouse," which intends to help those who depend on public sources, to network in order to access useful information more easily.

The NHA meeting, coming up this Thursday, with the Cons Comm, will be about the schematic modifications, made in response to 1) the neighboring homeowner's concern over the size of the construction project and 2) the NHA's concern over the size of the budget. 

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